Finances: how to get on the same page with your money.

Marriage is a great opportunity to acheive your goals and enjoy your life with your partner.  A true power couple are good stewards of their money.

But we’ve found that money can be a tension point in relationships.  Some couples say that money is the only topic they ever really argue over.

Watch this video where Andy and Katy Gillis share how to get on the same page with your money as a couple:

How to get on the same page with your money:

Step 1: Write your goals down.  

Share your personal, couple, and family goals with your spouse.  Ask your spouse what their goals are.  Just because you got married, had kids, and started a family doesn’t mean you can’t achieve your goals and dreams.  Marriage is a unique opportunity to acheive great things with your mate; both together in your shared goals, and with their encouragement and support in each other’s personal goals.

Step 2: Create a budget.  

Money in, money out, and margin.  Become aware of where your money needs to go, could go, and should go.  Some of the money you’re earning can go towards your shared and personal goals.  Make sure your spending habits are taking you towards your goals, not in the opposite direction!  Spend some time brainstorming together.  What improvements could be made to your budget / spending habits?  And, if you need to earn more money to achieve your goals, brainstorm how you can do that.

View your life together as a wonderful opportunity to achieve your goals and create a purpose-driven life together you both can enjoy!

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