What is Real Marriage All About?

Jen writes: “Hey Katy. I saw you are doing some marriage thing on Facebook. What’s that all about?”

Jen, thank you for your message – I’m so glad you asked!

My husband, Andy Gillis, and I are absolutely passionate about marriage – and not just our own 😉. Truth is, we’ve dedicated the last 6 years to helping couples build healthy marriages – by facilitating premarital and marriage mentoring programs and leading married community groups at North Point Ministries.

It’s been such an honor to walk with our couples, watching them grow as individuals AND grow together as a solid and happily married team.

When we moved to Florida a few months ago, we had to leave our church and the marriage ministry work behind. But we knew we wanted to continue that work, and through some brainstorming we came up with the idea to host a weekly live show, using the Facebook Live platform available on Facebook Pages.

This opportunity is very exciting for us, because we are now able to connect with, inspire, encourage, and support couples, anywhere they are in the world!

Previously, when we’d share about our marriage programs, we would receive comments like: “Wow! I wish you two lived in my city so my husband/wife and I could go through your program!” or “We’d love to have this available at our church!” Location was a huge barrier.

Excitedly – with the launch of Real Marriage, we have created a way to connect with and serve people all over the world, and THAT is downright awesome!

On our Real Marriage Facebook Live show (Sundays @ 9:00 EST), Andy and I will share the very same ideas and strategies we’ve taken our couples through that has made a significant impact on their lives.

We’ve learned that great marriages don’t just happen; it takes a willingness to show up, be real, know, and be known by each other…and it’s extremely helpful to have a road map to follow and another couple to help show the way. That’s what we’ll be doing on the Real Marriage show.

We’ll discuss key topics such as Communication, Stress, Finances, Spiritual Beliefs, Intimacy, Family, Relationship Roles, Personal Styles and Habits, Sex, Conflict Resolution, Personal Goals, and more. We talk real-life application that anyone can use to create an even healthier relationship with their partner. Investing a small amount of time every week to grow one’s most important relationship is such a gift, and we’re hoping to facilitating great conversations and inspire positive outcomes for everyone who attends our show!

Real Marriage is for dating, engaged, and married couples – or individuals at any stage, really – who wish to build their relationship skills and gather new ideas and strategies to build a healthier bond with their mate (or future mate!).

We’re delighted to host our Real Marriage LIVE show on Sundays at 9pm EST on our Real Marriage Facebook Page!

Thank you for your question and for giving me the opportunity to share the work that we get to do! I hope to see you checking in on the show


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